Eli Fleischmann

Dennis Kourktchan (Arcanum Academy)

Kristine Marchese (DYT Productions)

"I've been having lessons with Igor since November 2010. I was given a few lessons for my 28th Birthday and I've had lessons every week since. To sum him up in one word: Awesome. Any song I want to learn, he will have it transposed and ready for the next lesson. Igor is flexible with lesson times and flexible with lesson locations too. His teaching style is very relaxed and enjoyable. I don't think I've ever met someone with as much patience. I've recommended him to my friends and colleagues who are also now enjoying his lessons."

James Brice (Canadian Broadcast Sales)

"When Igor started teaching me, he inspired me to pursue new heights as a guitarist and make music my profession. He helped me to prepare for my audition to the prestigious Berklee College in Boston where I was accepted largely due to his instruction. He has a unique method of teaching which makes the lessons very productive. As I continue listening to him, he always brings something new to the table: blues, jazz, rock, metal, flamenco, he does it all. Igor possesses an impressive ability to make up arrangements for various music styles and genres. Many of them sound as if there is a second guitarist playing, but that’s just the magic you are going to experience as he teaches you the tunes."

Dan Koganov